Production and installation of facilities

From the very foundation of the company, the major part of the business was oriented toward the installation of the business facilities, and today it comprises a very important component in the company business, too. Through the years of our operation, we have specialised in the production of various types of metal roofs, façades, and steel structures. It should be particularly emphasised that, in the course of our business operation, we have produced and installed hundreds of complete production and warehouse industrial facilities in the Republic of Croatia. In the pictures below you can see examples of some of the facilities at various installation stages.

Facades and roofs

An ode to the very beginnings of MI Hršak business enterprise , specializing in manufacturing various kinds of metal coatings and facades . Single sheets , stacked sandwich roofs, polyurethane sandwich panels , cassette façades, sandwich panels filled with mineral wool and expanded polystyrene are most of the materials used for making roofs and façades for commercial buildings and public buildings . 

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