Roof and wall panels

After 30 years of continuous production of corrugated sheets and associated products, in 2023. we introduced a new product into our assortment – roof and wall panels, or so called sandwich panels. With such large investment, we enhanced our production with state-of-the art European fully automated machine for highest quality panels production. Complete production process is carried in house with professional supervision from our engineers and by using only the highest quality raw materials.

Roof panels

Roof panel types:
• Normal (steel sheets from both sides of the panel)
• Agro (fiberglass or alu-foil from bottom side of the panel)

Available panel thickness (mm):
30, 40, 50, 80, 100, 120, 140

Wall panels

Wall panels visible joint types:
• Normal (thickness 30-80 mm)
• Cold store joint (thickness 100-200 mm)

Available panel thickness (mm):
30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200

Which are the benefits of using roof and wall panels?


Extremely fast production and installation which results in short construction time compared to usual building methods


High value of thermal and sound insulation with possibilities of choosing different panels thickness (noncombustible foam also possible).


Competitive price


Table of available panel thicknesses and their number in one package

Panels length:
2000 mm – 15000 mm

Panels insulation types:
• PUR (normal polyurethane foam, internal code PU)
• PIR (non-combustible polyurethane foam, internal code IF)

Steel thickness:
• Inside steel sheet (visible from the inner side of the facility)
0,3 mm / 0,4 mm / 0,5 mm
• Outside steel sheet (visible from the outer side of the facility)
0,3 mm / 0,4 mm / 0,5 mm / 0,6 mm

Profile (pattern) types

Available colours

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